The Radcliffe Chimeras

The Radcliffe Chimeras, named after the Oxford landmark the Radcliffe Camera, are the first competitive team of OUQC. They select from the second team, the Oxford Quidlings, to make a fierce competitive squad to play against some of the toughest teams in the UK and Europe.

Being part of the Chimeras is an exciting and challenging part of a player’s career, as it allows people to play at the highest level of the sport that Europe can offer, and to join a close-knit group of people committed to improving and supporting each other.

Alice Walker111
Fran Morris3
Hannah Watts2
Jamie Cash (VC)42
Julius Eckhard11
Michael Ansell18
Mark Richards69
Mathilda Rose12
Miguel Torres71
Olivia Payne (C)25
Paul Mabey9
Quinn Western49
Rix Dishington13
Robert Brignull33
Shati Patel394
Simon Biasi19
Thuva Mathetharan28
Vasil Kuzevski8

The Oxford Quidlings

The Oxford Quidlings are the second team of OUQC, and are open to be joined by any member of OUQC. They may not be at the level of the Chimeras, but the Quidlings still regularly win matches and tournaments.

Every player remembers their first team, and for many at OUQC that was the Quidlings. They form a fantastically relaxed and supporting community of friends that will never leave you, and are the perfect team for anyone either learning the sport or looking for a more laid-back experience.

Adam Paulson34
Anna Lewis62
Beth Thomas56
Chris Mullender91
Dan Winter44
Dav Mangat61
Elise Watts37
Ellie Fuller777
Gemma Golder (C)113
Hattie Elvins30
Katie Forsyth29
Katie Manby5
Michael te Vrügt898
Patrick Hall75
Rachel Exact81
Ross Baughan214
Sam Claxton71
Sam Mitchell
Sam Wainwright93
Serene Shibli99
Tom Jeffrey0
Zoe Ford (VC)