The Current Exec


Robert Brignull

Supreme and glorious leader who guides in all endeavours.

Vice President

Fran Morris

The president's aide and invaluable advisor.

Chimeras Captain

Olivia Payne

Leader to the Chimeras both on and off pitch. Organises team fixtures and competitions.

Quidlings Captain

Gemma Golder

Leader to the Quidlings both on and off pitch. Organises team fixtures and competitions.


Alice Walker

Guides the physical and tactical progression of the club as a whole.


Shati Patel

Rules over the club's bank account and endeavours to keep everything in budget.


Fran Morris

Official liason with the university, takes minutes at meetings, and maintains the club scrapbook.

Social Secretary

Jamie Cash

Organises regular social events of different kinds suitable for all club members, providing much of the off-pitch enjoyment of OUQC.

Equipment Manager

Mark Richards

Looks after the club's assets including hoops, balls, and other playing equipment.

Publicity Officer

Quinn Western

In charge of the club's social media and other forms of publicity.

First Aid Officer

Olivia Payne

Keeps the first aid kit stocked and makes sure a first aider is present at every official training session.

Welfare Officer

Quinn Western

Looks after the psychological welfare of club members.


Robert Brignull

Webpage and emails administrator, keeping the club's web presence up-to-date.

Alumni Officer

Fran Morris

Keeps in contact with any past members of OUQC and organises events for alumni.