OUQC's School & Charity Work

As a team we recognise that not only are we lucky enough have the time and the physical ability to play quidditch, but also that we are lucky enough to have each other to train and compete with and can enjoy the benefits of the close relationships this forms. Many people, both near to and far from home, are not so lucky. Therefore, we at OUQC are very keen to throw ourselves whole-heartedly into any charity work we can in order to help those who aren't as fortunate as ourselves.


The idea here is a scaled down and safer version of quidditch for children either able-bodied or physically or mentally disabled. We have already run many of these 'Kidditch' sessions, and they've been a huge success. These sessions are designed to boost the children’s self-confidence and aid the development of their social skills, and to do it in a really, really fun way.

Quidditch in Schools

In a nation-wide attempt to boost interest in PE, teachers have been running quidditch sessions in their schools. By linking the sport back to Harry Potter the aim is to encourage enthusiasm by forging links between PE and English teaching. This scheme has been shown to be hugely successful in all trial runs, and as such we have plans to run quidditch sessions in multiple local Oxfordshire schools.

The Story Museum

We're also in partnership with a local children's charity museum called The Story Museum. We have run quidditch demonstrations for them and they house our illustrious trophy cabinet.

Just an average Kidditch session.

Improve Oxford

Additionally to this, we've worked with 'Improve Oxford', a charity raising awareness of cardiac risk in the young, who have very kindly sponsored us.

Oxford Town&Gown

OUQC has three times done the Oxford Town&Gown 10K run. This is in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK. We ran on brooms and carrying a hoop along with us. It was a huge success, with money raised and a positive response from the public who saw us run.

OUQC ran the 2014 Town&Gown on brooms and carrying a hoop.

Any more ideas?

We have loved taking part in all these charities, but we will always be keen to do more work to help others. So if you have a charity or cause which is close to your heart and feel that we can help, then please do get in contact with us. We would really love to hear from you!